SIZONE’s Board Chair to Represent the Micro-Nano Smart Manufacturing Town in Shanghai


World Zhejiang Business Network news on June 15th (Reporter CHEN Xiao): The ZTE incident has inflamed the consensus to accelerate the nation’s desire to own semiconductor core technologies from both the scientific and industrial fields.

Semiconductor equipment will usher in peak demand, China will become the world's second largest semiconductor equipment market


In peak demand, China is recognized as the 2nd largest market for semiconductor equipment in the world.

The IC industry continues to receive strong government support


To better execute the "National Integrated Circuit Industry Advancement Policy", since the first half of 2018, the central government has introduced a series of policies to support the industry’s expansion in IC production layout and enterprises’ ability to innovate.

SIZONE won the first place in the Industrial Development Fund of Lin’an District SIZONE, First Place Winner of the Industrial Development Fund in Lin’an District


The Industrial Development Fund is a key project guided by the Lin’an District Government. The project review meeting is an important step for the Lin’an District Government to direct the implementation of dynamic projects of the Industrial Development Fund, and to further discover and select high-quality projects.