SIZONE won the first place in the Industrial Development Fund of Lin’an District SIZONE, First Place Winner of the Industrial Development Fund in Lin’an District

The Industrial Development Fund is a key project guided by the Lin’an District Government. The project review meeting is an important step for the Lin’an District Government to direct the implementation of dynamic projects of the Industrial Development Fund, and to further discover and select high-quality projects. It is also an important platform to provide financial support for real economy and  promote high-quality economic development. In the evaluation meeting, seven venture capitalists from Hangzhou reviewed the projects of 13 registered enterprises in Lin'an District. There were also representatives from 13 government departments and 20 plus partner institutions. SIZONE Technology won the First Place, which has fully displayed the company’s good image and advanced the brand awareness and influence. SIZONE will continue its endeavor to the nationalization and industrialization of the CMP equipment in China.