Crowdsilicon understands the importance of privacy. This web page provides an overview of the types of personal information we receive and collect in the course of your use of our services and the steps we take to protect that information. We hope this will help you make informed decisions regarding the sharing of personal information with us.

Scope of application

This statement provides a summary of the main sections of the full text of the online privacy policy, detailing the privacy practices applicable to the site.

Information collected

This website collects personal information under other circumstances in which you voluntarily provide information. We may integrate your personal information or information obtained from third parties to provide you with better user services.

Abide by the agreements, rules, procedures and practices relating to this website and the network services related thereto.

We use cookies and other technologies to enhance your online experience, understand your habits of using our services, and improve our service quality. When you visit our website or use some of our products, our server will automatically record information, including URL, IP address, type of browser and language used, and the date and time of visit.

Your choice

You may refuse to provide us with personal information and/or refuse to use cookies in your browser, but this may cause some of our featured functions or services to fail to work properly.

If you request, we will make sincere efforts to allow you to access your personal information and, where reasonably practicable, to allow you to correct or delete such inaccurate data.